Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Geography Bee

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The Geography Bee

Today the students in Mr.Alder's class is in a Geography bee.There are two contestants in the bee with Hector Peña, and D'Andrea Torres the two contestants.D'Andrea Torres just missed her question which meant If Hector answered his question right he would be room five campion.Mr.Alder said that he couldn't find the second sheet of questions,which wasn't rare since he always misplaced things.Finally he recalled he made a copy of the sheet so he got it and asked Hector the question,he answered correctly.He was the room five champion!Later they ate lunch and Mr.Alder was looking for his keys after he found them he picked up his backpack and walked away.What he didn't notice was that a few papers and an envelope had fallen out.So Hector and his friend Abby rounded up the papers and were going to give them back to Mr.Alder,when suddenly Hector spotted the letters on the envelope.It read "Fifth Grade Geography Bee Questions and Answers.Then Hector got mad at Abby because she thought he would cheat.Abby was right Hector cheated but he had a hard time doing it because he knew it was wrong.He was feeling so guilty that he had done it he couldn't forget about it, but after Mrs.Hernandez gave him a talk about how it doesn't matter if u win or loose it made him feel worse.Worse enough he finally confessed to Mr.Alder about what he had done.Hector was surprised that Mr.Adler was not mad and Mr.Alder told Hector it was ok and he was going to write new questions since it happened.So Hector was still allowed to participate in the geography bee!At the bee Hector got knocked out at round three but he learned a lesson.That lesson was that it didn't matter that everyone in the whole school knew Hector was a "smart kid ".    By:Alexa

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  1. I like Alexa's story very much. ( Alexa's mom )


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