Sunday, February 21, 2016

Read that Book

Today, our PTO introduced "Read Across America" with an assembly and a fun game. First, they had a bunch of teachers come up and work in teams to identify the titles of books for passages read by Mr. Lasko. Mrs. Greleski's group was the winner! The got to choose the teacher that would receive a pie in the face as an example at the end of the game. Of course, Mrs. Greleski chose her best friend Mrs. Abernethy!

The actual game of "Read that Book" finally started. Students were put on teams of three. Four groups competed until one group gotps two answers right. Then the next four groups came up to compete. This continued until all students competing had a chance to play. Their were four groups that moved on to the second round.
The winning team (a group of sixth graders chose to put their pi in Mrs. Volek's face. While she was being called to the stage, Mrs. Abernethy was pied as an example. Enjoy the video and photo below!